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PET/CT is a new imaging tool that is highly advanced. PET/CT combines two different types of imaging into one procedure. PET and CT together produce a more accurate picture of what is happening in the body than either PET or CT alone. PET/CT is a very good tool for detecting cancer, cardiac disease, neurological disease, infection and many more and how far it has spread. It can help your doctor to decide on the best treatment for you. PET/CT also can show how the cancer is responding to treatment.

What is PET ?

PET” stands for Positron Emission Tomography. PET creates an image (scan) of your body’s biochemical activity. PET shows the rate at which your body’s cell break down and use sugar specially Glucose. This activity is called metabolism. Glucose is the sugar from which we get energy. To do activity we need glucose so all alive cells require glucose to perform. Cancer cell needs more glucose so they use glucose at a higher rate than normal cells. For your PET scan, a small amount of radioactive material is injected into your blood stream. This material called a radioisotope. Mostly it is Glucose labeled with F-18 (Fluorine). PET scanner (GEMINI, Philips) detects the radioisotope and then creates an image on the computer screen. Now you will be worried about radiation… the amount of radioactivity is very less that even small baby can undergo this examination.

What is the CT ?

CT” is short for Computed Tomography. CT uses X-ray and a computer to make an image of section of your body. A CT scan shows your body’s organs, bones and tissues in greater detail than regular x-ray do. For your CT scan, you may receive a contrast enhancing agent by intravenous line (IV) OR oral which helps produce an even clearer image. CT exposes you to a small amount of radiation.

What does PET/CT do?

A CT scan shows the exact location of the body’s organs and shows anatomical image. PET alone shows functional (cell activity) image so it is very difficult to find out the location. But when a CT scan is laid over a PET scan, doctors can pinpoint the exact location of abnormal cell activity. They can also see the level and extent of that activity. Even when an abnormal growth is not yet visible on a CT scan, the PET scan can show the abnormal cell activity.

Clinical Applications:

ONCOLOGY (cancer) is the most important application of PET/CT and provides vital diagnostic information that can alter the course of cancer treatment and sometimes help in avoiding unwarranted surgery. PET and/or PET/CT provides critical information about whether a tumor is malignant or not; the extent of cancer; whether it has spread to other organs or not; monitoring of cancer recurrences; and monitoring the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. CARDIOLOGY (heart) is another important application, where PET provides a high level of accuracy for measurement of myocardial viability. This procedure enables the clinician to determine the value and course of treatment for patients with heart disease. NEUROLOGY (brain) PET provides accurate information to localize the areas of the brain causing epileptic seizures and to determine if surgery is an option. In the future, it is possible that PET will be accepted as an imaging method of choice for such conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Ace is proud to be the First in Globe to install PHILIPS PET/CT (Tru Flight Select). Main advantages of Time Flight Technology is-30% improved contrast resolution & Fast Scan due to 40% less acquisition time, Higher sensitivity and Enhance image quality by reducing image artifacts.

Metabolic and Anatomical Data

Our GEMINI PET/CT product portfolio offers breakthrough diagnostic imaging and unparalleled clinical flexibility. It provides the integration of metabolic data from PET and anatomical data from CT bringing to you a new standard of diagnostic confidence. PET imaging has proven clinical value for diagnosing and staging of cancer — PET has higher diagnostic accuracy versus CT for most cancers.


Right diagnosis at the right time is the bed rock of prevention and a requisite for effective treatment planning.


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